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Chantel wanted to do something productive with her time and made the bold decision to invest in herself. Enrolling on to the EmployNZ CareerFIT Sport & Fitness course forced the single Mum way out of her comfort zone. Her goals were to increase her fitness and learn new skills. “My fitness has improved heaps. When I first started running I would be last in the class to finish but as I became fitter I started keeping up with the class” Chantel explains.

Chantel has learnt so much during her time on the CareerFIT course including training skills, nutrition and coaching; skills she’s keen to pass on to her children. “This course has strengthened the bond I have with my kids. I engage with them more” Chantel says. As well as improving her physical fitness, Chantel’s confidence, self-esteem and self-belief have all increased and she now looks forward to her future with excitement.

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