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Diploma in Health Management – Level 7

Take your career in Health to the next level by developing your management skills specifically for the Health sector. This is an ideal qualification for people already working in the sector who now want to move into a management position.

The aim of this advanced programme is to develop your ability to manage and lead Health specific organisations, teams or projects in New Zealand and Internationally.

There is a wide range of topics including Public Health issues, Governance and Planning, Policy Management, Continuous Improvement Practices and Advanced Facilitative Management strategies. Also included is a research project which will allow you to focus in on an area that is off specific interest to you.

To ensure your success we offer a smaller class size, maximum support and a personalised experience. *Part time study options available.


Paper Summary – What you will be learning about

Paper CodeTitleCreditsLevel
DHM 601Public Health Issues156
DHM 701Health Sector Governance and Planning157
DHM 702Quality Management: Policy to Practice157
DHM 703Health Business Studies157
DHM 704Advanced Facilitative Management Practice157
DHM 705Understanding Health Research Methods157
DHM 706Health Project157
DHM 707Health Evaluation Studies157

Public Health Issues

Current health status indicators for diverse population are examined and analysed in relation to international benchmarks in this paper. Learners also examine preventative medicine and health enhancement strategies utilised. Creative thinking models are examined and utilised to plan responses to familiar and unfamiliar health challenges and to propose an innovative national Health Strategy.

Advanced Facilitative Management

Advanced communication and cultural skills employed by facilitative managers are analysed and applied along with professional feedback and performance coaching capabilities. Creative thinking and professional reflection are also studied to support the ability to motivate and inspire staff to achieve at the highest levels of effectiveness and quality.

Public Health Sector Governance & Planning

Governance and leadership roles and responsibilities are investigated and learners will develop a range of key governance and management documents and systems. Strategic and operational planning and continuous improvement oriented quality management systems will be developed and critiqued for application readiness. Strategies to ensure alignment and cultural inclusion are applied to governance and management documents.

Understanding Health Research Methods

In this paper, major health research frameworks and approaches are evaluated and analysed, literature reviewed and Action and Appreciative Inquiry studied. The formal stages in research projects are analysed and ethical principles, dilemma solving and cultural inclusion investigated.

Quality Management Policy to Practice

This paper examines the creation and management of essential policies and practices required by health projects, programmes and organisations. Research will be drawn upon to develop effective and continuous improvement supporting systems and quality criteria. A range of factors such as technology, consultation, cultural inclusion will be investigated to overcome barriers and challenges that arise during health projects, programmes and organisations.

Health Project

In this paper, learners will create applied health research and ethics project proposals and then carry out in a professional manner on a topic of your choosing. The project will then be documented professionally and presented for feedback and comment. Projects should support professional capability development and have value to managers working in the health sector.

Health Business Studies

Sustainable business systems, processes and practices will be investigated and analysed in this paper to support effective management of a range of business activities. The ability to propose, budget, plan and implement projects, programmes and organisations and then to monitor, review, audit and evaluate these will be developed and supportive technology reviewed.

Health Evaluation Studies

Evaluative and audit models and approaches utilised in the measurement of health and management of health projects, programmes or organisations form the focus of this paper. Learners will gain experience in evaluating projects, programmes and organisations and then present their findings with continuous improvement recommendations to a group of professional peers.

Are You a Domestic or International Student?

Domestic Students

Study options



2020 - 3 Feb, 27 April, 20 July, 12 Oct

Domestic Student fees

Tuition fees – $5,960
Course Costs – $599

*Studylink approved – we can help you apply

Course Duration

40 weeks fulltime



International Students

Study options



2020 - 3 Feb, 27 April, 20 July, 12 Oct

International Student fees

Total cost – $20,848
*Travel Insurance additional

Course Duration

40 weeks fulltime

*You may be eligible for a 2 year post study work visa when studying in Tauranga – check with the enrolment team



Programme Details


Diploma in Health (Advanced Applied Management) Level 7 (120 credits)

Entry Criteria

Students must be at least 20 years of age in the year of study and hold as a minimum a Level 5 Diploma in Health and 3 years’ related work experience, or Level 6 Diploma in Health and two years’ related work experience; or a degree and one year of experience in health related work; or the applicant can demonstrate equivalent level 6 academic plus practical, professional or technical knowledge and skills in an entrance examination and admission interview that would be held prior to confirmation of enrolment.

All applicants will be interviewed to evaluate their readiness to study this advanced course as part of the selection process.

International learners who have achieved prior qualifications in non-English speaking educational settings must also provide evidence of having achieved IELTs 6.0 with no individual band below 5.5 (or current test equivalent).

What you can expect

Learners in this programme will enjoy interactive and practice based sessions, visits to health facilities, meeting and talking to experienced health managers and employers, regular tutorials run by the programme tutor, and one on one coaching in a new purpose built and uncrowded training facility.

Future Study Pathways

Higher education programmes at a Degree or Post Graduate level.

Programme content

Programme content includes study of public health issues in New Zealand, health sector governance and planning, quality management systems and practices, health-related business studies, budgeting and finance, project management and communication and cultural skills. It also includes facilitative management, health audit and evaluation, change management, ethics safety and risk management, and evaluative health research methods. New Zealand cultural context considerations Hauora, Whare Tapa Rima and Fale along with socio-ecological, socio-cultural, quadruple bottom line sustainability and continuous improvement underpins the programme.

Employment Options

This qualification will give you a wide range of potential employment options nationally and internationally in the health sector. These include as a practice manager, health business manager, operations manager, medical centre manager, team leader, supervisor, trainee manager, or assistant manager. Also as a multi-disciplinary health practitioner, health service evaluator, clinical leader or as a community health centre & community health manager.

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