Career Pathways – Literacy Training

Our Career Pathways class teaches the basics of reading and writing (literacy) and working with numbers (numeracy). This is done while focusing on the things that are important to you. For example, you can be learning while preparing for a driving test, while doing your CV or while doing a budget.

Increase your knowledge and improve your confidence

Our clients tell us that their confidence and personal wellness improves as a result of this course, many have gone on to further training and new jobs.

The class size is small and all our clients are at a similar level so you will feel comfortable and welcome when you join. Class runs 4 days a week.

To make sure there is a good fit with the class you will meet the tutor to do a test. This is a one on one meeting that takes place in private.

Course Content may include

  • Activities to practice reading & writing
  • Activities to practice working with numbers
  • Career planning & Job Search
  • CV and Cover Letter design
  • Interview skills and practice
  • Preparing a Budget
  • Personal Wellness & Self Esteem
  • Preparing for a Driving Test
  • NCEA units may be included

Career Pathways is a Free course, you can start anytime.

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